Newbie Style Challenge II!

I was browsing flickr this morning, as per usual, when I came across my friend, Bouncer Criss‘ post about, Gogo’s fashion challenge for newbies! Basically the rules were simple, you were to not spend more then 550l! I quickly jumped on the idea and started searching the marketplace for various cheap items, ideas and so forth. I think I spent a total of an hour on this look, it was quick to come to my mind, and well, I think I look super cute! The total I spent was like 340l. I accomplished this by going to different stores that I knew had gacha machines, group gifts, and cheap items, as well as searching for a shape on the marketplace.

Here is what I came up with!

The cardigan and scarf is from Izumiya, if you never have been there, you /really/ should go check it out. They have full outfits for 25l, and really really nice items. I have a few things from there, and immediately knew I was going to see what they had to use for this challenge. The cardigan comes with like 3 different variations, length of sleeves and so forth. The scarf was a gacha for 20l, I think I have nearly every color in the gacha because uhh I liek scarves ok?

The shirt worn is from Gato. I LOVE LOVE LOVE GATO! The items there are cheap as well, when I say cheap, I mean cheap, like I do not believe there is anything above 150l. The shorts are from Imbue, this store has quickly become a favorite! I love everything that is released pretty much from there. The boots, from *COCO*, they have on their back wall a plethora of free gift group items, everything from accessories to bare feet. Finally the eyes were from Aphotic Gloom, which is where my normal choice eyes are currently from, they were a promo for 1l. The skin is from Al Vulo a group gift. I think it is nice, too dark for personal taste, but was perfect for this odd little noobie I created. The hair. Oh god the hair. It is from Kik, and is a gacha item as well. The styles you can get from the gacha are like mouse, cat, stag. I am wearing the bear. JUST HOW CUTE HUH? Anyway, this challenge was fun, and I challenge you, YES YOU to come up with something just as creative and adorable.

Skin: Al Vulo, (Hlin Bluebird) Group Gift, 0l FREE
Shape: (Cuca Aria)50l [Marketplace]
Shirt: Gato (Lalu Bonetto) 30l
Pants: Imbue, (Kaylahh Anatra) 130l
Boots: *COCO* (cocoro Lemon) Group Gift, 0l FREE
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom (Rico Plisskin) 0l Free
Scarf: Izumiya (Izumi Homewood) Gacha, 20l
Hair/Lashes: Kik (as001 Littlething) Gacha 30l
Cardigan: Izumiya (Izumi Homewood) 80l

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