I think I’m dumb… maybe just happy.

Hello lovelys! Today my look of the day is something that I really like. The style that is! It is so grunge, it makes me happy. Grunge is something I grew up with, around whatever have you, so when this look was thrown together from happenstance I was like, yay!

Anyway, the pieces worn are older items, but items that I love. The flannel shirt is from  NINIKO, I have all three of the colors, and wish even there were more to choose from! I am sure you will find these flannels worn in a lot of blogs, because well, they are quite literally my favorite. The shirt worn is from [arnadi] for the Zombie Popcorn hunt, its pretty freaking boss, zombie Star wars? I think so! These jeans are so beautifully textured, they are from Emery, which is a fabulous store with some beautiful items. Last to point out is mah damn shoes. I saw my boyfriend, Soap, wearing them and finally asked where the heck they were from.. He told me [JP] Designs, and that they were free.. uh.. free? HELLO? GO GET THEM! I love them so much! I think they are perfect for mah grunge style yo. Hope you enjoy’d my rantin and rav’n!

Skin: The Body Co, Iris (Emma Gilmour)
Makeup: The Body Co, Gold (Emma Gilmour)
Hair: [Elikatira] Super heavy heavy mod of Details(Elikapeka Tiramisu)
Teeth: PXL (Hart Larsson)
Lashes: Redgrave, Eyelashes in Spider (Viola Leigh)

Jacket: NINIKO, Big Shirt, in Brown Check (Kae Sahara)
Shirt: [arnadi], Zombie Popcorn hunt item, (Dorian Deir)
Undershirt: Surf Co, Driftwood Tank in white (Emma Gilmour)
Jeans: Emery, Zoe Denium in Black (sunami Beck)
Shoes: [ JP ] Design, Chelsea shoes, (Jasper Potez)

Piercing: Medley, Nose Piercing (Arriah Fiertze)
Gagues: NOX. Small Plug, in Fall (Olyvia Stratten)
Tattoo: [bellballs] Birds of a Feather (Viollette Vyper)
Hand Tattoo: {motif} Hanna – Moon (Love Laguna)

Poses: Nox (Olyvia Stratten)


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I am super cool, just so you know. >_>
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