Tighten Up.

Hallo! Sorry for not posting for a few days, not sure exactly what a valid excuse would be other then oh hey guess what. I am lazy! I promise I will keep up better with daily posts, or try to at least.

Featuring today on this amazing jazzilicious blog is going to be the creator, Flightless. His creativity is literally amazing to me, he sells a few things on the marketplace, and I think he should do so much more, because honestly,  his shirts I have, the necklaces, tattoos, and decor are just amazingly beautiful… I really wish my pinky toe had half of his creativity and ability to create phenomenal things. Thank you Flightless for all your work. I am wearing the Be the Anchor necklace, it is really, really well made, and am just kinda really hooked on it. I love the style, the rope neck, the anchor.. It is super customizable with various textures and such. The tattoo I am wearing was apparently a product of boredom by the creator, and really it is quite lovely and brilliant, that is actually free and you can acquire it from joining his group in world! :]

There’s a new store on the grid by Krysten Jigsaw, Eleanor Rigby. The stuff in this store is wonderful, quite literally wonderful. I love the denim cutoffs, I don’t think I have taken them off since I got them, like uh literally I have fallen in love with dem shorts, sorry Soapie, the shorts are stealing my bottom half (Can I get an lol?) Theres a variety of colors, but I choose you acid wash!Go check out Eleanor Rigby today!

A new hair from TRUTH>Truth< has been released, but then again when has there not been a new hair released? I mean seriously, Truth Hawks creates hairs SO perfectly and quickly it blows my mind. I can barely do a blog post every week and here he is poppin’ hairs out like rabbits with babies. Anyway, the hair I have gotten is Delia. I uhhh kinda love it. I am one to mod hairs, so they are unique and not like anybody else has, which, umm I totally did to this hair. An older release, Alison and Delia were mixed together. I am kinda worried to show off the mod, because I am not sure if designers will get mad that I altered the look of one of their hairs.

Sorry for rambling, early morning, had my coffee and talking to mah boo, life is good…. Oh so good. Hope you all enjoy.

Skin: The Body Co, Iris (Emma Gilmour)
Makeup: The Body Co, Gold (Emma Gilmour)
Hair: > TRUTH < Delia, Espresso (Truth Hawks) ***NEW**
Teeth: PXL (Hart Larsson)
Lashes: Redgrave, Eyelashes in Spider (Viola Leigh)

Shirt: Long T Pocket, Black (mappy Handrick)
Undershirt: Undershirt: Surf Co, Driftwood Tank in white (Emma Gilmour)
Shorts: Eleanor Rigby. plain jane cutoffs in Acid (Krysten Jigsaw) ***NEW***
Boots: [SC] Surf Couture – Elsa Boots, in dark grey (Emma Gilmour)

Piercing: Medley, Nose Piercing (Arriah Fiertze)
Gagues: NOX. Small Plug, in Fall (Olyvia Stratten)
Tattoo: Deerly Beloved Chest Tattoo, Faded (Flightless)
Hand Tattoo: {motif} Hanna – Moon (Love Laguna)
Necklace: Be the Anchor Necklace (Flightless)


About Jazzilicious

I am super cool, just so you know. >_>
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